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Dental Implants - Learn To Smile Again

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A dental implant is a process by which our damaged or lost teeth are replaced with artificial teeth, and the tooth root is replaced with a metal post. A dental implant is a suitable alternative to other procedures, including dentures or bridgework. Implanted teeth are titanium and work like real teeth when placed under the gum through surgery. The patient has to undergo multiple procedures for successful implantation. You can opt for the best implantation service when approaching a private dentist. There is a private dentist near mewho has completed multiple dental implants.


Types of Dental Implants

The dental implant is performed based on the type of implant. After examining the jawbone's condition, the dentist also opts for a particular type. There are three types of dental implants which have been discussed below:


Endosteal Implants

It is one of the most common types of dental implants. This implant method is available almost in all places. In this method, posts like screws are put into the jaw, which helps to fit the artificial teeth. Although this method is suitable for most patients, it requires a healthy jaw.


Subperiosteal Implants

This method is used as an alternative to an endosteal implant. This implant is not done on the jawbone. Instead of the jawbone, this implant method is applied on the top of the bone under the gum. A metal frame and a post are placed under the gum which holds the frame. Thus the false teeth are protected by these posts.


Zygomatic Implants

A zygomatic implant procedure is a blessing when a patient does not have enough jawbone. Instead of the jawbone, this implant is placed on the patient's cheekbone.


If you want to do any of these implants in London, like orthodontics in southeast London, you do not need to worry due to the advanced technologies used in London.


Who is Eligible for Dental Implants?

Before opting for a dental implant, you should remember that a dental implant is right for you if:


       You have more than one missing tooth.

       You have a fully grown jawbone.

       Your bones are adequate to support the implant.

       Your oral tissues are healthy.

       You want to improve your speech.

       You do not smoke tobacco.


Procedures of dental implants in south east london

For a successful dental implant, the dental surgeon will follow certain procedures. The surgeon will start the procedure by examining your oral hygiene and the health of your bone. The implant requires the following procedures:


       Placing the Metal Post

After the examination, the surgeon will fix a date to perform the surgery. The surgeon will cut the gum and expose the bone. After that, the holes will be made by drilling into the bone to place the metal post. The post will work as the tooth root.


       Growth of the Bone

After implanting the metal post into your jawbone, the jawbone grows and unites with the dental implant's surface. It helps to provide a solid base for artificial teeth.


       Placement of Abutment

After growing the bone, you will require minor surgery to place the abutment where the crown will attach.


       Choose the Artificial Teeth

After healing your gum, your surgeon will ask you to choose artificial teeth. You can choose either fixed or removable teeth or a combination of fixed and removable teeth. The above procedures are commonly followed almost in all places.



If you want strong artificial teeth, a dental implant is the best option to opt for. After a few procedures, you can replace your damaged teeth with new artificial ones. But you need to follow all the instructions of your dental surgeon. A dentist can perform dental implants. You can approach your nearest dental surgeon by searching foraprivate dentist near me.