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Orthodontic and Teeth Whitening Treat in South East London

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There are various types of orthodontic treatment. When you have a dental problem, you can choose a treatment method that suits your specific condition.

Usually, an orthodontic treatment starts by assessing the current position of your teeth. During the initial stages of observation, Priya Mehta Dentist establishes the problem and tells you how likely it can be rectified over time. This may involve taking X-rays, making plaster models, or taking 3-D pictures of your teeth. Further, the dentist will provide you with an exact treatment plan and may suggest one or more ways to treat the problem you are facing.

Orthodontics South East London

Orthodontic treatment is usually carried out with the help of appliances, most commonly known as a brace. These are made of metal, plastic, and ceramic. Currently, plastic braces known as Invisalign are more in practice, as they are easy to wear, comfortable, and deliver quicker results.

Straightening your teeth not only provides the right aesthetics but also helps improve our oral health. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and leads to tooth decay. Moreover, teeth that don't fit correctly make chewing tough, further causing headaches and indigestion.

Orthodontic treatment by Priya Mehta Dentist, involves different appliances that can retrain dental muscles, and slowly move teeth in the desired direction.

Need for Orthodontic Treatment

Some of the problems that may require orthodontic treatment are:

·         Overbite – When your upper teeth stick out over the lower teeth

·         Underbite – Here, the lower teeth appear far forward

·         Crossbite – When upper teeth fit behind lower teeth while closing the mouth

·         Open bite – This is a condition when a vertical gap appears, while biting down

·         Spacing – When teeth don’t fill up the mouth and show random gaps

·         Crowding – When the dental ridge of the mouth does not have room for all your teeth

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are used to straighten your smile and are good for treating several orthodontic problems. These aligners are of clear plastic with different molds used to straighten teeth. Invisalign are almost unnoticeable and are very convenient to use. A dentist will provide you with multiple sets of aligners specially designed for you. Each set is worn for two to three weeks and is replaced with the next. These clear plastic aligners are designed in a manner that helps shift your teeth gradually in the right direction. 

Invisalign braces, also known as aligners move teeth in the same way as traditional metal braces. But they are nearly invisible and don't involve ugly-looking metal wires and brackets. You can even remove your aligners at the time of brushing, flossing, or when you want to eat or drink your favorite food.

Teeth Whitening South East London

Teeth whitening is a dental treatment where a dentist removes stains from the tooth surface and restores the natural color of your teeth. It is amongst the most common procedure by dentists, where most people go through this cosmetic procedure.

After a thorough examination, your dentist will start by cleaning the tooth. The entire process takes about 30-90 minutes and depends largely on the severity of the stains on the teeth. Doctors recommend teeth whitening at least once a year as apart from providing a sparkling smile, it offers you better dental health.



When the jaws and teeth do not develop properly, it often leads to malocclusion. While it is not a disease, it yet affects our physical health and can impact the shape of our faces. It further leads us to embarrassment and a lack of self-confidence. Orthodontic treatment byPriya Mehta Dentistwill certainly help you get back the smile you were desiring for long.