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Orthodontists – what they do and the types of treatment they offer Business

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We often visit our dentist at least twice a year. They take care of our oral hygiene, provide solutions for teeth whitening South East London and help keep our mouths as healthy as possible. But we are mostly unaware of orthodontists. While both dentists and orthodontists take care of our mouths, they often offer different services.

Orthodontics South East Londonare the specialized professionals focusing on aligning your bite and helping straighten your teeth. You need to visit an orthodontist when you have crooked, overlapped, twisted or gapped teeth. The standard form of orthodontic treatment involves using traditional braces, clear aligners, or removable braces.

What are the types of orthodontic problems?

According to Priya Mehta, Dentistorthodontist, some of the common types of problems include:

·        Overjet: A problem when your upper teeth stick out your lower teeth.

·        Underbite: This is a condition when your lower teeth stick out further than the upper teeth.

·        Overlapping teeth

·        Crowded teeth

·        Rotated teeth

·        Impacted teeth: When your teeth are partially or fully trapped in your jawbone.

What are the types of treatment an orthodontist offer?

There are various treatments that come under the specialty of orthodontists. Some of the most common offered by dentist Crystal Palace are:

1.      Braces: Braces are one of the earliest orthodontic treatments that help gradually shift your teeth into a desired position over time. This procedure involves a combination of wires, bands, and brackets. There may be different types of braces according to the specific needs, like traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces.

2.      Clear aligners: These aligners are a popular and better alternative to traditional ugly-looking metal braces. Invisalign aligners help gradually shift your teeth in the desired direction comfortably and conveniently. These systems use a series of custom-made, clear aligner trays, which you can quickly wear can and can take off while brushing, flossing, eating or drinking. You must wear these aligners for one to two weeks, according to the specific need, and then switch to the next set in the series provided by your orthodontist.

3.      Retainers: Once you have undergone treatment with braces or clear aligners, then the doctor will provide you with retainers once your orthodontic treatment ends. This custom oral appliance ensures keeping your mouth from shifting out of its proper position. Your doctor will advise on how often you need to wear the retainers to help maintain the desired results of your orthodontist treatment.

4.      Palate expanders: These treatments are often recommended by orthodontics for children.    Since a child's facial bones are in the development stage and are easier to manipulate, orthodontists use a palatal expander to widen a child's upper jaw. A child may need a palate expander to help create extra space without the need for tooth extractions or other dental procedures.

·        Advantages of meeting Orthodontist South East London

Apart from providing you with a straight smile and offering cosmetic benefits, orthodontic treatment has other health benefits too.

·        Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean.

·        Teeth straightening can improve chewing and speech function.

·        Orthodontic treatment is also known for easing pain related to jaw joints, known as TMS disorder.

·        Aligned teeth reduce the risk of cavities, and gum diseases, including several oral health issues.

·        Teeth whitening South East London helps you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.


People mainly consider orthodontic treatment when they want to enhance their aesthetic appeal. But this treatment also improves your oral health and function. Orthodontists at Mindful Dentist South East London can provide you with a broader range of treatments based on your unique needs