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Painless Dental Implants

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Implants are the modern technique to replace missing teeth. A typical dental implant consists of a tiny titanium screw drilled in the jaw bone to replace the natural tooth root. Once an implant is fully integrated into the bone, an abutment and a post are attached to it, with a crown attached over the post. An implant can stabilize a denture in some cases as well.

With the help of dental implants South East London, you can have any number of teeth replaced. From a single tooth to a complete set, your dentist can provide you with all the facilities.

Kushel Morjari Dentist

You can get rid of your teeth troubles without any pain. Dentists South East London are expert dentists offering the most painless dental treatment.

·         No Use of Injections: Most patients fear a needle. Now dentists can numb the affected area with the help of a paste, spray, or solution that does not require any injection for delivery. This revolutionary technology ensures that there is no needle prick. Instead, the solution enters by a digitally controlled dispenser that moves drop by drop without producing any pain and is almost undetectable.

·         No Drilling: The sound of a high-speed drill is probably the most frightening. Technology advancement in the dental field has replaced drills with a beam of light that can clean up decay. So, now you don’t have to face any vibrations, heat, and pressure of a drill and can undergo your treatment without any fear.

·         Blade-Free Dental Surgery: Technology advancements in the dental industry have created many innovations. Now it is possible to undergo a complete pain-free surgery, with little or no bleeding, immediate recovery, no stitches, and no swellings. You can even resume your normal routine on the same day of your treatment.

·         Easier Root Canal Treatment: dental implants South East London offer quick and easy RCT treatment. Previously RCT was considered more frightful than a tooth extraction. But now, automated technologies have made RCT treatment painless, precise, smooth, and even in a single sitting.

·         Relaxing Medication: Dentists are also using various pain-relieving and controlling medicines to help you sit relaxed on the dental chair. Great strides have been discovered with medications that are known to block or control pain centers in our brains. These drugs can relieve your anxiety to an extent that you no longer feel any pain.

Benefits of Dental Implants South East London

Dental implants help prevent the premature bone loss that may occur due to the loss of a tooth or teeth. Moreover, implants provide comfort and confidence to the patient and help them chew their food, thus helping in digestion. There is no risk of loose dentures or any signs of soreness and clicking sounds with dental implants.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Your good overall health is a prerequisite for implants. Ensure that all pre-existing diseases are under control and that your blood pressure is within normal limits while undergoing a dental implant. A candidate having healthy gums with no active infection, can go for this treatment. Moreover, sufficient bone should be available at the place of an implant.

After a Dental Implant

Keep in mind the following maintenance tips after the implants:

·         Brushing twice a day

·         Flossing once a day

·         Use water-pik after meals

·         Go for regular dental checkups and ensure professional cleaning at least once every three months

Don’t Live with Tooth Loss


Dental implants are a revolution in the dentistry, providing you with options better than dentures. These implants operate the same way as original teeth and are like your natural teeth. Mindful Dentists ensure that you don't have to fear living without a tooth and can again wear that confident smile.