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Teeth Whitening and Invisalign Treatment South East London

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Regular brushing and flossing help keep our teeth bright, white, and healthy. Still, someone may feel that their smile lacks a spark or their teeth have turned yellower than they used to be, then you can consider teeth whitening South East London.

According to a survey, when the people were asked what they had liked to improve about their smile most, the collective response was the majority on whiter teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments that offer an affordable way to enhance your smile.

Difference between Bleaching and Whitening

According to Food and Drug Administration, bleaching can be used only when the teeth are whitened beyond their natural color. It is usually done by using products that contain bleach like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Teeth whitening in South East London on the other hand is the process that restores a tooth's surface color by removing dirt and debris. So, any product that is used to clean the teeth like toothpaste is a whitener that comes under bleaching and can be performed at home. Whitening is only done by trained professionals like Rikul Patel dentists. Teeth whitening under an experienced professional is a preferred choice over bleaching if you want a more permanent result.

Causes of Tooth Staining

Our teeth can go pale because of a number of reasons including:

·         Age: Our teeth darken due to wear and tear and stain accumulation over the years. You may observe in the late twenties that the teeth begin to show a yellow cast, which usually turns brown in the forties.

·         Food and Drink: Our eating habits are also responsible for tooth staining. For example, coffee, tea, and red wines are some common staining culprits.

·         Tobacco: Chewing tobacco and smoking also create stubborn stains. Tar and nicotine present in tobacco are responsible for staining our teeth.

·         Medications: Some medicines can also cause side effects turning our teeth yellowish. Moreover, chemotherapy and neck radiation can result in discoloration of our teeth.

·         Trauma: In case you have been hit in the mouth, your tooth may change color. This happens mostly due to the reaction to the injury. The tooth reacts by laying down more dentin, which is a darker layer under the enamel.

·         Grinding: Many times, teeth grinding is caused by stress and can cause micro-cracking in the teeth. Simultaneously, cracking leads biting edges to darken.

Invisalign Braces in Crystal Palace SE19

Invisalign has made its own place in dentistry and has grown in popularity over the past couple of decades for straightening or realigning teeth. Invisalign teeth aligners are made from flexible thermoplastic material and are designed to make orthodontic treatment less conspicuous. These clear coverings can fit tightly over your teeth and are less noticeable than the traditional wire brackets.

Dental Issues that Invisalign can Correct                      

Invisalign is used to correct different dental issues, including crowding and spacing issues, and also mild and moderate bite issues. Invisalign can treat:

·         Overbite, underbite, and crossbite issues

·         Open bite

·         Gap teeth

·         Crowded teeth

How Does Invisalign Work?

You need to wear invisaligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, if you want to achieve the best results. You can remove them when:

·         Eating or drinking

·         Brushing or flossing your teeth

·         Cleaning your aligners

Invisalign is more effective than other types of aligners, however, the complexity of your orthodontic issue also affects how well the aligner will work in your particular case.



Orthodontic treatment results are subjective and vary considerably from person to person. Before you go for a dental treatment, discuss with Rikul Patel dentistfor a realistic result you can achieve after your teeth whitening treatment or while you are looking to straighten your teeth using Invisalign.