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The Procedure and Benefits of Dental Implants South East London

Sep 30th, 2022 at 02:15   Services   London   97 views Reference: 5981

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You are probably intimidated by the high price of dental implants. It is mostly because they are made out of high-quality ceramic or titanium alloy. In the present time, implants are one of the best options for replacing missing teeth and can be surgically implanted in the jaw.


Today, dental care comprises dental implants. These serve as replacement teeth roots. An implant can become the support for one or more artificial teeth. It is typically made of titanium fixed in the jaw, in place of a tooth root. The implant offers a strong foundation base on which removable teeth are fixed to match the existing natural teeth.


Advantages of using implants for replacing missing teeth


·         More comfort

Dental implants prevent discomfort from removing and fixing dentures.


·         Ease of eating and chewing food

Dentures do not always fit perfectly. Over time they become loose, and the chances of slipping out, at the time of chewing food are high. With dental implants, this problem is eliminated.


·         Improved oral health

Dental implants are designed to fuse perfectly with the jawbone. They becomes permanent and feels like natural teeth.


·         More confidence and self-esteem

A good smile brings back confidence in everyone.


·         Improved speech

Dentures cause mumbling or slurring in the patient. Implants never slip ensuring improved communication and speech.


·         Durability

Dental plates are designed to last for a lifetime with appropriate care and regular dental check-up.


·         Convenience

Dentures should be removed and cleaned at regular intervals. Dental implants do not require cleaning.


·         Better oral health

There is no requirement for modifying or adjusting dental implants. These ensure that natural teeth are unharmed. Implants are highly effective in improving dental health and hygiene.


·         Implant Process

Most dental implants can be installed safely in the dentist's office with local anesthesia. Some patients may require hospitalization and intravenous sedation for complicated procedures.  Every dental implant process is different based on the requirement of the patient and the experience of the dental surgeon.


Steps of a dental implant procedure


Step 1

The first step is placing the dental plate flush inside the gum. It is buried just as the root of a tooth. After this step, sufficient time is given to heal and protect the implant. Once the healing period is over, the dental implant is exposed surgically. This integration technique is termed osseointegrate.


Step 2

Next, the dentistexamines the implant to ensure it has integrated successfully into the gum. Then the post or abutment is drilled through the gum. As the area around the gum heals, it forms a collar. The dentist now gets access to the implant while placing artificial or prosthetic teeth.


Sometimes, both above-mentioned steps are performed together at small intervals. Benefit of using dental implants south east London is that it eliminates the need for extra surgery. However, you can search ‘private dentist near meto find a good dentist who can suggest youthe time needed for the implant and the overall healing period.

Step 3

The final step of a dental implant is the fabrication and fixing of prosthetic teeth or tooth.



The use of dental implants is a long-term solution for the replacement of missing teeth. It is one of the most intricate cosmetic dentistry treatments, as the artificial tooth is made of titanium. You can find a private dentist near me to examine the condition of the teeth and the expected results to help establish the type of cosmetic dentistry required. Experts in orthodontics south east Londonguide patients through the course of the treatment and what changes they will experience after the process.