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Why You Should Use a Crypto OTC Trading Platform

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Crypto exchanges or platforms have popped up worldwide with the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. At present, we have huge trading platforms operating globally, such as FTX, KuCoin, and Binance. However, some cryptocurrency trades take place without visiting any traditional exchange. Such trade is known as OTC trading, which exists as stand-alone trading desks or as an exchange such as Binance.


Simply put, OTC or ‘Over the Counter’ trading can be referred to as trading through people or agencies that conduct all your transactions for you, secluded from regular platforms or exchanges. You can choose OTC trading if you do not want to purchase, trade, or sell crypto coins through the mainstream. OTC trading offers high transaction limits, better privacy, and a getaway from market fluctuations.

How Does an OTC Trading Platform Work?


There is no standard procedure for OTC trading. The sole constant is the absence of a user interface, which frequently occurs in regular exchanges. OTC Trades are usually conducted based on trust, in which a requirement is posted, a quote is provided, negotiations occur, and finally, the transaction is accomplished upon the consent of all parties.

Sometimes, only one person acts as a third party, and when greater quantities are involved, an agency may take up the responsibility of bringing together sellers and buyers. OTC agencies facilitating trade have their own reserves to guarantee instant liquidity in fiat and any other underlying cryptocurrencies.


The process of OTC crypto trading platform sign-up is easy and challenging at the same time. The process is easy as several OTC agencies exist across geographies. It is challenging because the process relies on trust- you must be able to trust someone with vast quantities of cryptocurrencies, not to defraud you. Luckily, you can trade a great number of crypto coins without breaking a sweat because there are numerous mainstream crypto platforms that offer you an OTC desk.  

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an OTC Trading

Let us take a look at the benefits of using OTC trading.

Direct transaction: OTC enables you to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from the seller or sell them directly to the buyer, thereby eliminating third parties that drum up the prices of the assets.

Evading fluctuations: OTC trades allow you to negotiate and agree on a price before buying or selling all of the tokens simultaneously. Because the market is unaware of the transactions, it will not impact the token’s price.

Negotiation: Have you ever wondered about the last time you negotiated the prices via an exchange? For your information, you are not allowed to do that. All you can do is set price alerts and buy or sell options with the price of your choice. With OTC trading, you get the chance to negotiate a price based on external factors to attain an agreement.

The drawbacks of OTC trading are minimal but significant, beginning with trust. Well-known exchanges are supervised by authorities which removes the possibility of cheating and rug pulls, while OTC trades are completely uncontrolled or unregulated. If an OTC agent plans to cheat and flee after you have put your trust in them, there is no way to recover your money back.

So now, to make you know more about OTC trading, we would like to introduce Coinfloww, a global digital assets platform where you can trade easily and at a lower price.

All About Coinfloww


Coinfloww is supported by a regulated cryptocurrency OTC firm that has been offering the best volume and prices since 2019. The exchange was launched during the bear market of 2022 with an aim to make digital assets more accessible and freer to users across the world.

The best thing about Coinfloww exchange is that it does not charge the listing fees for the projects listed on the exchange. Also, barriers of entry are quite low for you to easily list and trade on the platform.

If you wish to contribute to the future of the digital economy, then join Coinfloww’s journey and experience a more fair, efficient, accessible, and transparent financial system empowered by distributed ledger technologies.

Wrapping Up

In all fairness, legitimate OTC agencies do exist that have been operated for years. But you must always be careful and conduct diligent research before trusting any OTC agency.

Using OTC is time-consuming and functions well when there is a high level of trust. Specifically, features of a trustworthy OTC stem from the accountability to which they hold themselves and the people using their services.

If you are planning to trade great volumes of crypto for cash or fiat money for crypto, then Coinfloww is the best platform for you which can save all your money and time, helping you to trade more conveniently.

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